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Nala Lala Kaye Wiggs Dolls

Source: decifashion / decifashion

Two-year old Sophia Benner of South Carolina loves dolls. To celebrate the end of her potty training, her mother took her to get a gift for her big accomplishment. When Sophia came across a doll black dressed like a doctor, she had to have it. But when they went to checkout the cashier asked her if she really wanted that doll. “Yes, please!” Sophia responded. The cashier then replied, “But she doesn’t look like you. We have lots of other dolls that look more like you.”

Brandi her mother, says she was about to step in when her daughter quickly responded, “Yes, she does. She’s a doctor like I’m a doctor. And I’m a pretty girl and she’s a pretty girl. See her pretty hair? And see her stethoscope?” The cashier then dropped the issue and responded, “Oh, that’s nice.” It’s funny little girls of color pickup white dolls and there’s never question but when a white little girl wants a doll of color some people need to voice their opinion. I’m glad Sophia’s mother is raising her daughter to look beyond color to see beauty in whatever color her dolls come in.

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