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Ciara Russell wilson nike sports awards

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I’m all about my man and BFF being friends but when he invites her to sit on his lap. HELL NO! Well that’s what Russell Wilson did with Ciara‘s BFF. The internet is freaking out about it! So here’s the details, last week on International Women’s Day, Russell was on Facebook Live talking about all the great things that women do for him. During it, he asked Ciara’s best friend and make-up artist, Yolanda Frederick to come sit on hip lap. Say, what!

I don’t know what kind of best friend Ciara and Yolanda are but there is no way in hell that would that go down with my BFF. How is that OK, for my husband to have my best friend to sit on his lap. Russell, what the hell were you thinking! I got a question for you ladies, what would happen to your best friend if she sat on your man’s lap? Please leave your comments.

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