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Just one day after being sworn in as President Donald Trump, Anti-Trump protest are taking place around the world. The Women’s March On Washington and around the world, with estimated 2.5 millions are participating in this historic event. Women are making their voice heard by marching for their rights as women, mothers, and Americans.


Hundreds of thousands of women and men gather together to send  to President Trump. “I’ve heard a lot of people say they think, ‘Oh, this is useless. It’s just a big party and a big show.’ But I think it can create forward momentum and people will keep resisting. I don’t think it’s a big party,” said Sally Madsen, 65, a Washington, D.C., resident whose sister from Minnesota was joining her at the march. “I think we have to show that we’re still here, and we’re not going to be silent and we’re not going to be railroaded.”

People have been preparing for this event since the day after the election, when word began to spread on social media that there would be a march for women following the inauguration.

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