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Marijuana buds sitting next to prescription medicine bottle

Source: Christopher Futcher / Getty

Texas may be joining other states by loosing up the marijuana laws. The 2017 session begins Tuesday (Jan 10) and Texas lawmakers have filed several bills concerning marijuana.

One bill would allow voters to decide on the legalization of medical marijuana and another would decriminalize small amounts so that it change it from a misdemeanor to a civic penalty like a traffic ticket.

Two years ago, lawmakers legalized small amounts of cannabis oil for people with severe forms of epilepsy and just last week in Harris County the new district attorney announced she would no longer jail people who are caught with small amounts of pot.

Some experts say socially conservative Texas isn’t quite ready to jump on the national trend just yet.

“I wouldn’t hold your breath on it passing this year,” said Bob Garrett, an Austin-based reporter for The Dallas Morning News. “But momentum has slowly been building, I think, toward a legalization push.”

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